There are not many rules on my wiki, although if I notice something that I do not approve of, I will take care of it
with the means that I see necessary.

1. DO NOT come here and disrespect other people. The purpose of this wiki is to help people, everyone needs a little help sometimes and thats okay, so no disrespect!

2. Criticism is allowed, but be sure that it is constructive criticism. If you want to come here to make fun of someones artwork or just make fun of someone period, you will be banned and reported.


Editing Edit

Please do not do simple edits, leave them and I will take care of them, or let me know its there and I will fix it. If you would like to add a couple of words or sentences to a page, thats fine, but, if there is a misspelled word, I will get it. Punctuation, the same thing, leave it alone please and I will find it. Thank you!!

Guidelines for Uploading Artworks Edit

If there is not a category or a page for your form of art, please add it. I am not perfect, nor do i claim to be, and I probably missed a few.

Pictures are very much welcomed, I perfer pictures over descriptions. Add a page and label it with your type of work, with the word 'pictures' beside it (Example: Painting/Pictures) If there is already a page with the label you need, DO NOT ADD ANOTHER ONE. That is why its there, one page does not belong to one person, so don't try and take over a page just because you were the first one to post something on said page.