An illustration is a depiction that is created to elucidate or dictate sensual information.

Illustration Art Edit

Today, there is a growing interest in collecting and admiring original artwork that was used as illustrations in books, magazines, posters, blogs, etc. Various meseum exhibitions, magazines and art galleris have devoted space to the illustrations of the past.

In the visual world, illustrators have sometimes been considered less important in comparison with fine artists and graphic designers, the term "illustrative" sometimes being used as a negative critique. But, possibly in part due to the growth of video game and graphic novel industries, as well as a recent swing in value towards illustration in magazines and other publications over photography, illustration is becoming a valued, popular and profitable art form that can aquire a wider market than the other two, such as in Korea, Japan, Hong Kong and USA. Original illustration art from the best-known magazine illustrators is known to bring prices into the hundreds of thousands of US dollars at auction.